Röster från havet...på väg till Galapagos

20maj, Panama City

Nedan är röster (Mikes mail via HF) från S/Y Terra Nova, en Hallberg Rassy 39, mitt ute på havet mellan Panama City och Galapagos. Mike är en friskus (med glimten i ögat) från Hobart, Tasmanien och en riktigt erfaren seglare. Hans fiancé Sharon är Australiensiska och har aldrig seglat tidfigare!!
Ta er tid att läsa, han skriver helt underbart.
Vi som trodde denna sträckan var en av de lättaste... holy cow!...

"Hi Lars and Erja,

This has been probably one of the most frustrating and shithouse passages I can recall. Constant S/W headwinds up to 26 knts. Squalls and plenty of rain in the first three days and worst of all, a strong eastward current which held to about 83W. at one stage to have a rest from the 25degree heel of beating to windward i furled the sail apart from a piece of main and we motored along gently at 5knts in a lumpy sea while we had lunch and a wash.

In three hours we had moved eastward 6nm from our southerly track! We have sailed south at a good pace holding 7knts and motor sailed to the west to get out of this current. We are now sailing happily to windward at 242 deg 300nm east of the north end of san cristobal. I have re plotted the course three times to try to take advantage of prevailing winds and get out of this bloody current.

We have also not been without our issues. One diesel jug lid broken in the lazzerette and diesel over everything, used condom (thank you Balboa) stuck in the toilet flush intake pipe, (dismantle and back blow from head to clear), 6 new coleman gas BBQ gas cylinders lost their labels in the gas locker blocked the drain and with the gunwale awash the whole trip filled the gas locker and drowned the gas electric on/off valve. (strip out valve ,disconect electrics and bypass and leak test). front hatch left not properly dogged shut so wet matresses and bedding (drying in salon/chinese laundry).

Any way I have overcome all our difficulties and kept up crew morale by beating them if they didnt look happy. We are now 48 hrs out and we can smell the gin and tonics and I silently pray that the wind does not go back to the west. Also there is a lot of large debris in the ocean miles from land washed down from rivers. We have avoided most large trees but did hit a large log in the night. We heard a catamaran on the SSB that had hit a tree and was returning to panama with both rudders disabled. 

Any way thats sailing and as they say, what a difference a day makes. Today very little current the wind shifting tothe south. Praise the Lord! (A little more wind please, and dont over do it with one of your doomsday squalls!)

Lars re your comment. Yes,I am happy that I'm in a Swedish boat that actually sails to windward. What worries me, is that as Swede yourself, you are in a French boat!


Här är Mike som just har hjälpt till att få upp Lasse i Masten för att laga förstagsprofilen.

Terra Nova seglar iväg..... föga visste de då om kommande strapatser!

Ännu en kul pelikan.. häftiga fåglar som har existerat i över 40 miljoner år!!! Det syns ;)


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